curiosity and the cat

A little before I became the proud owner of a big red armchair, discovered like a dinky old TARDIS in the back room of a long forgotten op shop, I bought a paperback copy of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Grey with one of those cheap little bookmarks that come free with every purchase.

On the back were a few words by an author who I’ve since expediently forgotten:

“Whenever I get a little money I buy books … if there is any left over, I buy food and clothes.”

As a pathologically lazy bookworm who drinks tea by the bucket, these were words from a higher power. The challenge was convincing the rest of the world that I wasn’t full-frontal wack-a-doodle.

Not long after that I teamed up with someone who knew what it was all about.

As bright and manic as the Untempered Schism and just nerdy enough to know how to spell “Schism”, I teamed up with The Cat to trade books, be nerdy and solve crimes.

We made a pretty good superhero duo, protecting the universe in space and time and making a mean brew while we’re at it.

A couple of years on and we had the completely mental idea to start a blog about our adventures (both being well aware of how cool blogs were around 10 years ago).

Now, after a swag-load of mostly fictitious escapades and more crimes committed than solved, we want to share all our creativity with you lovely people before we both sell-out and get real jobs.

This is us, fully equipped and batteries included …

All the very best, from
Curiosity and The Cat


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