what it’s all about

The Cat and I have been reading books for years and have had plenty of nerd wars over who makes a good page-turner.

I like the classics, but I rarely get all the way through before I spot something shiny or take up a stranger on their offer of vans and candy … as for The Cat, she’s a history student but we won’t hold that against her because she is one of those amazing readers who can curl up in bed with a new book and not come out until all the tea is all gone and the last page is read.

We’ve stolen a little slice of the internet because we’re each a bit of a show off and because we want to share all the magic that’s wrapped up in good paperback.

The plan is to read a book a week and post a quick and easy review of our adventures for you lovely people who haven’t written us off as complete wack-jobs.

We want to know the very best and the very worst of all the stuff that has made it to print and get people like you back into book stores and libraries, because (let’s face it) they’re a dying breed.

In the tradition of all devout vagabond English majors, we will be posting when we remember what day it is with links to our Facebook page and if you ever want to chat, you can shoot us a cheeky email at:


We’ve got big plans for our little playground and we hope you all enjoy them …

All the very best, from
Curiosity and The Cat


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