nesting and home-making: reading animal dreams

This last week has been absolutely overwhelming so I’m amazed the book is finished and the review is up. On an exciting note, I moved house over the weekend. On a not so exciting note, the first two days in the house were without electricity, half my furniture, and of course, hot water. That’s right, no warm shower for me.

But, trusty torch in hand, I still managed to finish the book. And I’m very glad I did.

Again, this book made tenuous yet warm references to what’s going on in my life. As Codi watched the animals around her nest and refused to do so herself, I watched my housemates setting up their rooms with new furniture while I waited for mine on the truck. But just as Codi finally finds home, I have managed to set myself up bit by bit in my new house.

This book had a much more environmental streak than the past books I’ve read. Although last week was focused on the connection of individuals to nature, this one had a strong message of environmental sustainability.

Although the book follows the environmental threats of the fictional town of Grace, the challenges and responses are very familiar to the contemporary sustainability argument. The plot matches the plight of many small towns that have been exploited by major corporations, with Animal Dreams focusing on the consequences of acid run-off from major mining sites and the exploitative nature of the corporation.

Some of the themes and events in the book were a bit heavy, following Codi as she tries to save a town she doesn’t feel she belongs to, working on her relationship with her distant father, and coping with the stress of living away from her sister.

Despite the heavy themes and at times, confrontational depression events, the book still remains optimistic and hopeful for the future. The book was inspirational and evocatively emotional, as both the character and town presented an aspirational model for us to follow, as well as keeping us engaged.

And on a final note, I realised shortly after my last post that I forgot to update everyone on my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge.

Between birthdays, house moving, and the lack of functioning electricity this month was a hard one for my reading.

All in all I managed to read three new books in April, my current total sitting at a disappointing but still thriving sixteen books in nineteen weeks.

So I’m still falling a little short but hopefully this month as I settle into my new house, have a pile of uni books to read as well as an exciting new stash on its way, I’ll be able to pick it up, which should mean a nice bunch of exciting new reviews for you fantastic readers, as well as hopefully a higher tally at the end of this month for me.


From the internet friend who is trying to do her bit for the environment,

The Cat


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